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God wants us to FIX 2020!
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Visit which fights back to protect individual rights and stop those who would use political power to attack constitutional rights. FIX 2020 OR BUST!

Lin Wood, Chairman of the #FightBack Board, is the ONLY REAL patriot left that I know of, outside of President Trump, who I believe to be speaking TRUTH.  You can find Lin Wood on Telegram OR TRUTH Social at @LinWoodSpeaksTruth.

If you believe "Lawfare" has been a weapon used to steal our elections and other freedoms please download a form letter with prepopulated complaints against the GA Bar, mostly related to Lin Wood, but not exclusively.   It will take approximately 2 hours and some basic office supplies(paper, stamps, envelopes, labels).  Includes detailed step-by-step instructions.
Click here to download the lawfare zip file.

The "Actors" section lists the "public" figures, companies and organizations that I believe have committed TREASON and/or Crimes Against Humanity (There MIGHT be ONE REAL PATRIOT among them, can you find them?).  As I'm able, I compile evidence from various places including MANY on-line researchers.

You can download pdfs on an Actor or their Zip file which contains ALL pdfs, images, videos, memes and more for you to SHARE.  If you are convinced by the evidence, as I have been, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  The sooner we all know the TRUTH about the "FAKE NEWS" and the MASSIVE Illusion perpetrated on us the sooner we can FIX it!

Once you have reviewed the evidence, register to vote, and you can vote "Patriot" or "Traitor" for each Actor.  Only a verifiable e-mail address and password are required to register (Still probably MORE secure than 2020).  Your e-mail address is encrypted and the only time Fix2020 would send you an e-mail is if you change your e-mail or request a password reset.

I completely understand if you don't want to give me your e-mail address just to vote for "fun" so, if you are on Telegram or TRUTH Social, just hit me up @MzTaz with "Fix2020 Guest Account Please" and I will set-up a "Guest" account with your handle/[email protected] so you can vote.

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I was a volunteer for America's Audit Farce(AAF) for over 8 months.  I was fooled by Lindell and unfortunately MANY others.  It doesn't thrill me to admit how wrong I was BUT... BOY was I WRONG!  I actually texted to my mostly estranged siblings probably mid last year "Why can't we be more like the Flynns?"  I would apologize profusely now if allowed.  In case you haven't heard, Mike Flynn is a YUGE TRAITOR!

Anywho, while volunteering I worked with other election audit organizations also under the "Lindell Umbrella" like America First Audits, Cause of America, USEIP(Basecamp and EDA)...did I miss any??  ALL of them like to gather REAL patriots' data and keep them spinnin their wheels in this big "Audit SHOW".  HOW MUCH evidence is needed exactly?  I have enough on 16 states myself here in the "Reports" section to prove 2020 was stolen.  If I have that much imagine how much evidence Trump and our military have.
"Caught them, caught them ALL" --President Trump

Here is an image of those I worked with over that 8+ months on Telegram.  Many have blocked me since I have come to know the TRUTH.  Noticeably lacking are Erin Clements, who I had quite a bit of communication with and her hubby David Clements, who I had little communication with until the end of my time with AAF.  I thought people were busy working on the audits as I was so I tried to not bother those I THOUGHT were real patriots only to find out they are PAYtriots.  I would say Erin and Hoang were mostly running the show on Telegram for AAF but as you can see I had interactions with MANY characters.  Some you may recognize like Dr. Frank, the Lone Raccoon (Jeff O'Donnell),M_EDA Matt who is Erin's close friend who created the "Election Data Analyzer" Spreadsheet (EDA), and maybe you also had a run-in with "Ally Rose" Dr. Frank's admin?

While that was a REALLY ROUGH 8+ months I'd like to share some of the communications I would regularly share with these commies.
1) Killary deserves ME in the firing squad (I have mangled hands and it would take many shots) ... they REALLY didn't like these comments...THE Professor himself scolded me...what REAL PATRIOT DOESN'T want that bitch to get justice?
2) Michael "ONE RELIGION NATION" Flynn is a 3STAR Traitor ... this one also got me in trouble, especially on Dr. Frank's channel. His admin(handler?), Ally Rose, is also the admin for Seth Keshel and Doug Billings...just a little coinky dink I'm sure.
3) Why is Lindell friends with pedolawyer Dershowitz? This statement would get people to bail on me completely.
4) I feel like I'm being used to OUT the COMMIES! LOLOLOL ... Jeff O'Donnell said to me "I think you ARE!"

You get the point...I have a BIG ANTI-COMMIE mouth and I HAVE and WILL continue to use it...thus voting "Patriot" or "Traitor" was born with the "Actors" section. There's muuch more to the story but you get the gist.  Please help me SHARE the TRUTH about all of these TRAITORS.

I left my old home page up for anyone looking for a FOIA Request example.
If you use this promo code then I will give you access to everything I have on this site for FREE... which is already available for FREE ... aka I'm NOT selling ANYTHING and I'm NOT asking for donations. All I ask is for you to share the TRUTH with as many as possible so we can end this communist takeover attempt of our BEAUTIFUL and FREE country. Thank You!
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